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Our Services

Demand Service

We have experience in the full range of FEI instruments: FIB 610/611, FIB 200, FIB 800, DB 820, DB 825i, XL50, XL 830/865, DB 835/865.

  • Expert troubleshooting and component level fault repair
  • Instrument moves
  • Computer upgrades

Maintenance Plans

Proper maintenance is critical to the performance of FIB/SEM microscopes. We provide unique and flexible solutions to planned and unplanned maintenance needs.

Application Training

Have a new instrument, or new user? We have years of experience training users the how and why of FIB/SEM microscope use. Contact us with your specific needs, and we can customize application training for you.

Maintenance Training

Do you need to perform consumables replacement or other instrument service? LMIS/FEG replacement, column alignment, GIS refills, GIS alignments. We have extensive training experience, so contact us for quotes on user maintenance training plans.