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About STS

Electron/Ion microscope service is a balance of customer needs, time, and cost. Often the service provider can only accommodate one combination of the three and the instrument owner prioritizes another. This conflict results in an undesirable relationship.

In business since 2004, Superior Technical Services was created out of our frustration with this paradox. We have the technical expertise, the experience, and the personal skills to balance the customer needs, time, and cost of Electron/Ion microscope service.

We have engineers based in Portland, Oregon; Denver, Colorado; Austin, Texas; Los Angeles, California and Phoenix, Arizona. In addition, we have supported contracts for large and small organizations, from Shanghai, China; Fukushima, Japan; Staffordshire, United Kingdom; Toulouse, France; Malaysia; Australia; Canada; and across the United States.

Please contact us for microscope maintenance plans, computer or software upgrades, general microscope service needs, and user-application training.